Don't come after I'm gone, or I'll be very sad.
I'll be mad and I'll cry and I'll break your nose.
I whine. 
I whine now, I whine when I walk down the hill, I whine when I sleep, I even whine when I shower.
Please don't come after I'm gone, or I'll be very sad.
Autumn is beautiful, it's too bad you're not here to see it.
I would trade my sleep for you in a heartbeat.
And I hope that if you do come after I'm gone, I won't mind.
I don't really care to be honest. It's just that I'll be very sad and I will break your nose and your friends. 
And all the babies and all the puppies around you.
It's my birthday.
Okay, if you're planning to come after I'm gone, you might as well don't come at all.
If you come after I'm gone, I'll punch my birthday cake and then I'll punch your face with my stupid-cake-covered punch. 
And if you're planning to be a couple of years late, at least say it now, because I want to make other plans. 

if it's late and the streets are quite - but late here and there - I hold my breath and I can hear everything. Not everyone's everything, your everything.

Theory time

There are elements of ourselves which are saved in a permanent file in our brain.
Meaning: When we stand without thinking something in particular. When we make coffee or wash the dishes, when we sing three specific lines from the same song all day long, without realizing we are doing it. These elements exist while we do all those things, simultaneously they are there. They share brain space with everything. Some things come and go but these stay. For example: I'm twenty-two, I have two siblings, Roman, Natasha, Dee, creative writing and film, Greece: elements, characteristics, data, standard.
There are other elements of ourselves though, which are not conscious for no reason.
For example: Back in Greece, I have a dog, Delilah. I keep forgetting her.
I like taking pictures. I didn't realize that until very recently.
I've been to Paris. If someone asks me, I'll probably say no.
I act like I don't have a dog and I act like I've never been to the Louvre and although I've got both of these elements, I live my life not carrying this extra knowledge that a dog and Paris may have given me. 

Circle of Death



It's raining mirrors
                               and I've told you a million times, be careful how you hang those threads from                                        your hair for they may fall and break.

It's raining dust
I can't leave my bed every time it's cold outside
?and I will never understand how does ink comes out of a pen


what's mine is yours.

what will you take back?
and what can I keep?
what's left for me?

It's us.
we're powerful and immortal
we trigger hurricanes and volcanoes
we surf the world
and we start to feel like it's a small wave
we need bigger waves, us
the most dangerous ones
we can master all of them, us

we've conquered the world
there's nothing left for us
so we rest for now
we're waiting for the world to grow a bit older
for us
to challenge us some more

she looked like one of those people who know good bands.

for all her lies she still was very lovable.